Congratulations to the Head of MEPF Design Department on receiving the Fire Prevention Consulting Practicing Certificate

Congratulations to Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh, Head of MEPF Department, on receiving the Certificate of Consulting Practice on fire prevention and fighting from the Ministry of Public Security, Police Department of Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue.

Certificate No. 2367/2023/PCCC, dated December 5th, 2023 related to two consulting practice contents:

1/ Design consultancy on fire protection

2/ Supervision consultancy on fire prevention.

This certificate was signed by Deputy Director Colonel Nguyen Minh Khuong.

Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh has worked at Union for more than 5 years, taking on the leadership role of the MEP and Fire Protection Design Department. During this time, he contributed greatly to most major projects at Union.

This is a proud achievement and a worthy recognition of his efforts and professionalism.

Congratulations once again to Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh and hope he will continue to be successful in his career at Union.