With experienced and whole-hearted architects, Union Architects is ready to provide a various services from office, commercial, hotel to residential project…

Union Architects provide full designing services, from design concept through, construction and project close out and on into operation. …with high aesthetical quality and effectiveness.


With the closed operating process from designing, construction to manufacturing and fitting, Union Architects always tries the best to create elegant and luxurious working office environment that can meet the highest aesthetical standard and space utilization.

With professional and enthusiastic team, Union Architects is strongly confident to meet all the customers’ severe requirements; aiming to provide the best service to our customers.


Union Architects always tries to create the best living environment reflecting individual customer style and characteristic. We aim to create interested and animated functioning area to meet all the customers’ diverse demand.

With slogan   “Customers’ satisfaction is the designers’ success”, Union architect team is taking all the possible opportunity to perfect our technical skill in order to bring our customers the best services.

Hotel & Resort:

Union Architects always tries to create the high-standard, convenient and luxurious resting environment by taking care each designing line. The way for coordinating color, material and lighting brings harmonization, comfort and relaxation for anyone coming to these places.

Restaurant – Bar – Night club:

With many experiences after complete many projects like D&D-97 NTMK Club, BB Club, Barrocco, Fashion TV, Thai Village bar…

Union Architects to create an attraction and deep impression in this field, our designing style always satisfies all the customers’ demand even the strict ones. Our designing style specially luxury and warm from restaurant, bar, to nightclub. We have a great experience in designing this field.

Shop – Retails – Showroom:

Because of the special characteristic, the design must create the customers’ impression at the first time; therefore, Union demand a high standard toward our designers team to create a perfectly artistic space

The display space, showcase are mixed and coordinated to create the impression, fascination and the most important the feature of product’s characteristic.